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Tina Brigley - Health and Transformational Expert

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Tina Brigley and I am a Health and Transformational Expert. I consider myself an expert because I have done the deep personal transformation that it takes to truly experience living life and I empower other amazing people to rediscover their truth through healthy eating and developing healthy habits. My story is one of following my dreams.

After graduating with my honours in psychology I put my skills to the test as a residential counsellour and child and youth worker. Although the experiences were great, I felt like it wasn't for me. I went back to school and got my bachelours in education. Surely, I thought I would make a great teacher and I was. I spend the last 12 years teaching special education and built a great resume but at the end of the day I wasn't personally fulfilled. I felt like I was on the hamster wheel I was calling life. I was in a marriage that I pretended to be happy in, I was in a job that left me feeling exhausted, depleted and wanting more- but WHAT? That was the big question.

I can honestly say I hit rock bottom. I left my marriage of 12 years and was living with guilt and shame and all sorts of confusing emotions. I didn't know how I was going to get out of the rut but I knew I had to. Poor choices, poor habits, regrets and doubts left me feeling so stuck yet I was pretending to be "Great". One day I was on the computer and up popped "To become a Health Coach". Like many of you reading this, I thought, "What the hell is a health coach"? So I looked into it and enrolled. I quickly realized I had a passion for it and it came easy for me. I believed so much in my own personal journey that I took a leave of absence to pursue my dream of becoming an influential health coach. This direction was hard at first because I didn't know what my future would look like. But, I jumped in both feet realizing that I don't have to have it all figured out. I just have to have a dream, a vision and a passion. I have no regrets about my decision.

My clients call me part therapist, part life coach and part tough love coach. I have a gift of sitting with people and understanding their blind spots, the things they aren't aware of, that prevent them from living their truth. I see the good in every person and help them see the greatness in themselves. Through my training I did my own personal transformation and I invested in a business coach. As well, I enrolled in the Landmark Forum and did more personal transformation. I became aware of my personal blind spots and worked on those and continue to grow and develop every day.

I believe that when people focus on their health and creating healthy habits the possibilities open up for them. I believe that how people show up in one area of their life is how they show up in all areas, so I empower people to start with their health and the ripple effect takes care of itself.
As a society we are all looking for the quick fix. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry yet people are increasingly over weight. The truth is there are no quick fixes. There just aren't. I learned quickly that being a size 2 doesn't make your problems go away. I realized that true transformation starts from the inside. When people choose to improve their health they are also choosing to improve their mindset and improve their habits. I say "hell no" to diets! I Say "hell no" to competing with others and I say "yes!" to becoming the best version of yourself- free of judgement (including self judgement).

My vision is to create a future where people see eating healthy as a way of life and not inconvenient. I envision a future where people freely choose how they want to live their life and a future where people can say "I am living my best life".

My ideal clients are people like me- "Busy professionals that want to stop dieting, get healthy (mind, body and soul), feel their best and discover how great they can become".

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