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Lex Ondejko is a twenty one year old entrepreneur! While living in Europe for three months after high school, she became more aware of how her food choices affected her body, and decided to go vegetarian. After working her way through the ranks at a printing company, she was looking for something more personal and fulfilling. When health concerns prompted her to go gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan, her eyes were opened to what ingredients companies are really putting into pre-made foods! She began to wonder about the ingredients in her hair care. When she learned about the waxes, mineral oils, harsh chemicals, and other dangerous additives that her favourite companies use, she began searching for a better alternative. She found the solution in Modern Nature, a brand dedicated to using safe ingredients and adhering to harsher, European standards. The molecular structure of Modern Nature products is so small, it is able to penetrate all three layers of the hair into the cortex, healing strands from the inside! Amazing products aside, Lex is thankful to have found a community of supportive women (and a few men too!) who help her grow and love her life every single day!

Lex is also passionate about mental wellness. Throughout her high school years, she watched her friends suffer from a variety of mental health problems, and struggled with some herself as well. She realized that teenagers have many emotions they don’t know how to deal with, and that there are inadequate resources to help, even for those desperately seeking them out. She recently became safeTALK trained (Suicide Awareness For Everyone), and plans to continue on to complete the ASIST program (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). She has begun advocating for county high schools to provide more resources to their students, and for all staff to be properly trained in suicide awareness and prevention.

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