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Connie Demers


 As a Digital Estate Planner and Photo Organizing Coach with 20+ years of photo organizing experience, I have found the best solution for today’s preservation dilemma …….. and want to help YOU!

If I were to ask about your photos, many of you would say you have old scrapbooks, boxes of loose photos in closets, under beds, in the basement or attic. Maybe you’re the keeper of the family photos and have inherited boxes. Likely ALL of you would say you have tons of photos on your phones and other devices.

Every single person is at risk of losing ALL of their Photo Memories, via fire, flood, theft. As far as digital media goes…. it’s not a matter of IF, it’s WHEN computers crash, externals corrupt, camera cards get lost, phones drop in toilets and photos are deleted from cloud storages that are NOT permanent.

Imagine how YOU would feel if ALL of your videos & photo memories were digitized and all together in one place that was Permanent, Private and Secure. Where YOU own full digital rights and are able to easily share with family and friends.

Everyone says “I’ll get to it someday”, but that day may be too late! We know when someone passes away, what is it that family and friends are scrambling for to share and what’s up on the screen at the funeral home? Photos….. that invoke memories and the stories that go with them!

Be Proactive and not Reactive, before it’s too late!

If I could show you a way to get control of your photo chaos in 15 minutes a day, just a few days a week OR how about digitize all that old media that you’re no longer able to enjoy and share?

Would you like to hear more?

Lets chat! ~ FOREVER Connie Demers

Online Photo/Video Solutions, Digital Print Projects, 

Media Conversion and Forever Guaranteed Storage

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